About Tapiaco



Artistic Education

Tapiaco: pseudonym for Willi Smeuninx, Hasselt 03 08 1944.  


- 1962 - '66: "Provinciaal Hoger Instituut voor Architectuur en Toegepaste Kunsten" (PHL University College for Architecture and Applied Arts) in Hasselt (speciality: graphic art, stained glass art and monumental art) directed by. H. Pauwels, R. Daniëls en J. Jans.

- 1968 - '72: "Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten" (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in Antwerp (free student painting art) directed by R. Meerbergen, J. Vaerten, F. De Bruyn, V. Dolphijn, W. Pas.

- 1969: Akademie Vytvarnich Umeni in Prague (Academie of Fine Arts)
(Specialization scholarship granted by the Flemish Ministry of Culture: painting art and lithography) directed by F. Jiroudek, Cepelak.

- 1979: "Vysoka Skola Umeleckoprumyslova" in Prague (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design) (Research scholarship granted by the Flemish Ministry of Culture: glass art) directed by Libensky, Harcuba.




His education clearly shows that Tapiaco's field of interest is not limited to one discipline. Basically, he is a searcher and autodidact who, besides his classical education, explored a wide variety of graphic, visual and monumental arts.

His interest for art in all its aspects leads him to other forms of arts and on his trips he does not only make contact with several cultural sensitivities but also with other techniques and forms of expression.

This wide scale of experiences combined with a social engagement, influences his personality and gives the impulse to a diversity of realizations : stained glass in lead or in concrete, glass etching, visual and graphic works by different techniques, installations, 3D-realizations, video a scenario for a 'total spectacle', and photography recently.

Everything is expressed by a language of shapes in which the so-called 'Rounded Square' and 'Square Circle' are at the centre.

The above-mentioned form without any pursuit of a geometrical significance at all, came into being by abstracting continuously, in the beginning, from nature, figures, shapes and surroundings.

Through the years this was systematically deepened and cultivated, even his signature is shaped in that way and will become consequently the subject of a series of artworks.

At the beginning of his artistic career, he participates in a few competitions providing him selections in among other things: 'The Young Flemish Painter', 'The Young Belgian Art of Painting', 'The European prize for the art of painting of the city of Ostend'.

Looking back on about one hundred individual and group expositions, he built up his career in an active way in combination with other cultural engagements and initiatives.




1964: August Cuppensbibliotheek (Library August Cuppens), Beringen (B) (Applied arts);

1967: "Le Soutien aux Jeunes Peintres"(Support to Young Painters), Brussels (B);

1968: Euro-Artes, Airport Deurne, Antwerp (B);

1969: Klub 17-november University, Prague;

1969: "Akademie Vutvarnich Umeni" (Academy of Fine Arts), Prague;

1977: Gallery Hendrik De Braeckeleer, Antwerp (B);

1977: Gallery Stijn, Hoboken (B);

1977: Gallery Acantus, Hasselt (B);

1984: Gallery Casino, Beringen (B) (Provincial Cultural Centre Limburg);

1985: DCT (Direct Contact Telemarketing), Antwerp (B);

1985: De Petrel, Heusden-Zolder (B);

1986: Retrospectrum (In own space), Coquilhatstraat Antwerp (B);

1987: Il Ventuno (About Rounded Squares and Square Circles), Hasselt (B);

1987: "CC Buurthuis", Heppen (Leopoldsburg) (B);

1987: University Hospital VUB, Jette, Brussels (B);

1988: Gallery Alexandra Monett, Bosvoorde, Brussels (B);

1988: National Cultural Centre of the Friends of Czechoslovakia, Brussels (B) (From Czechoslovakia with love);

1989: Gallery Fronta, Prague (Kvadrat Kruhu);

1989: Gallery Magenta, Kalmthout (B) (Signatures);

1990: Escher Kunstgalerie, Esch sur Alzette (Luxemburg) ;

1991: Gallery Casino, Beringen (B) (Provincial Cultural Centre Limburg);

1999: "De Open Poort Ateliers" (The open gate studios), Borgerhout (B);

2000: Passage 13, Hasselt (B) (Between above- and underground);

2009: Gallery Stilte-Kunst (Gallery Silence-Art), Antwerp (B);

2012: Architecture & Building Foundation (A.B.F.), Prague, (Back to the Future);

2013: Griffier, Borgerhout, Antwerp (B) (Targets & Ties);

2013: VOC De Geus, Harelbeke (B);

2014: Orangerie, Kasteel Sorghvliedt, Hoboken (B) (Targets & Ties);

2016: Bistro "Den Bell", Antwerp (With Love from Bohemia);

2016: "Washboard", Art & Jazzcafé (Back to the Future);



1965/66: "Scheppende Handen" (KJM) (Creative hands) in Nieuwpoort (B), Poperinge (B), Roeselare (B), Aalst (B), Turnhout (B), Sint-Truiden(B) en Neerpelt (B);

1966: Belgian Hall, Delhi (Canada);

1967: Geluwe (KK-64);

1968: BP-Building, Antwerp (B) (KK-64);

1968: "Vleeshuis" Lier, (International Expo);

1969: Gallery "Brittanique", Ieper (B) (New Com: one exposition);

1969: Open air exhibition, Crikvenica (Yougoslavia);

1969: Exhibition room, Menen (B) (New Com 2 / Internationale 69 Geluwe);

1970: "De Tombe", Wilrijk (B) (KK-64);

1971: First art market, Dageraadplaats, Zurenborg, Antwerp (B);

1971: "Zaal IPPA", Antwerp (B), (the young Flemish Painters, Lions Club);

1972: "AN-HYP Art Center", Brussels (B) (Democratic Patronage);

1972: "Bijenkorf"; Eindhoven (NL), selection from 'the young Flemish Painters';

1973: "Paleis voor Schone Kunsten" (Centre for Fine Arts), Brussels (B), ("Jeune Peinture Belge");

1973: Gallery for art rental, St. Lambrechts Woluwe (B), (Passage 44);

1974: Het Cooremetershuys, Gent (B) (Selection from the winners of the 'Jeune Peinture Belge');

1976: Urban Museum, Ostend (B) (European prize voor Painting Art);

1976: Artworks acquired by the government, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp (B);

1976: Artworks acquired by the government, Museum of Fine Arts, Doornik (B)

1977: Gallery Campo, Antwerp (B) (Groep 71);

1978: Brussels (B) and Knokke (B), Second Biennial of the Flemish Art;

1980: Rubens' centre Antwerp (B), (Flanders' 1st Art Market);

1984: City2, Brussels (B) (Artists' jewelry & clothing);

1985: AEA (Art Exposition Animation), Brussels (B), (Vu et vécu de New-York par des artistes de chez nous) - (Jumelage 5th. Avenue de New-York / Avenue Louise);

1986: Group exposition, Il Ventuno, Hasselt (B) ;

1986: Art Gallery “De Graal”, Stadspark, Dendermonde (B) (Sculptural International);

1986: “Antichambre”, Gent (B);

1987: Twenty-one at Il Ventuno, Hasselt (B);

1987: "De rode draad", De Vooruit, Gent (B);

1987: Lineart, Gent (B);

1988: Twenty-one and 21 at Il Ventuno, Hasselt (B);

1988: Fabrik 88, Antwerp (B) (The Big Transformation);

1988: Garden scenes '88, Kapellen / Kalmthout (B);

1988: Gambrinus, Antwerp (B) (Benefit-Expo for group 'Vandaag');

1988: Kasteel van Schoten (Second Autumn Exhibition on account of 5 years GIERIK);

1989: Twenty-one at Il Ventuno (Open air), Hasselt (B);

1989: 'Kiezen voor Kunst' ('Choosing for Art'), Buurthuis, Heppen (Leopoldsburg) (B);

1988: 1990 "Le Cadavre Repris": Het Bassin, Maastricht (NL), BWA, Krakow (Pl), Uherske Hradiste (CS), Nice (Fr.), Kiev (USSR), Zaragoza (ESP), Medellin (Colombia);

1988: '78 Artists, Contemporary Figurative Artists', CC "De Kom", CC "De Hanekap", CC "Het Zand", Lommel (B);

1992: Il Ventuno, Hasselt (B) (Twenty One);

1992: 'For Sale', Gallery Christ Delaet, Antwerp (B);

1992: Monnikenheide, Zoersel (B) (Het Lelijke Eendje or The Ugly Duckling);

1992: Il Ventuno, Hasselt (B) (Twenty one and 21);

1993: Stadsschouwburg, Antwerp (B) (Le Cadavre Repris), Antwerp European Capital of Culture;

1993: Town-hall Merksem (B), Graphics from Flanders, Czechia and Slovakia, Antwerp European Capital of Culture;

1994: Centre Elzenveld, Antwerp (B) (Het lelijke Eendje or The Ugly Duckling);

1997: Lichtenstein Palace, Prague (UNESCO Pontes Festival of music and arts);

1998: Group exposition, Town-hall Borgerhout;

2000: ARTIVAL, Ostend (B) open air, (Postcards from Ostend);

2010: MDA, C-Mine, Genk (B), (Cumulus Wunderkammer);

2012: Manifesta, Genk (B);

2013: Arte Ventuno, Open air hommage Wout Vercammen 75 years;

2015: Manoir du Chagnot (Fr), (At Vauban's House, Cloudnitters);

2015: Groepstentoonstelling "Privé", Lebbeke;

2015: Kunstparcours Wilrijk, (Over de Brug) 't Spant;

2016: De Keten, Antwerp;

2016: OC De Buiting (Paal/Beringen) (Art Traject);

2016: Beurs/MUHKA, Cloud Force One & Mail Art Project "Let Sky the Limit" (10 year Cloudknitters);


Temporary Permanent

1966-68: Kasteel van Ordingen, St. Truiden (B);

1969- ...:"Kunst in Huis" (Art in the House)

1972-76: Theatre café 't Natiepeerd, Antwerp (B);

1975-76: Model appartment, Habitimbuilding, Left Bank Antwerp (B);

1976-79: Berchem's accountant office, Antwerp (B);

2008-11: Gallery Stilte (Gallery Silence), Antwerp (B).

2015: Manoir du Chagnot (Fr), (At Vauban's House, Cloudnitters);